Anyway? The old man reached out and

Them, and above them was a curtain of over-reaching branches from the huge tree beyond it. If they pulled back beneath those whip-like branches, their weapons would be all but useless. It was clear he realized his error by the way he spun to confirm the nearness of the fence. He started to take a step forward out from under the branches, but it was too late. Mickey continued to direct the assault. Stay close enough to each other so one of you can grab that hoe and rake from the side if they try to jab with 'em, but not too close. That's it. Circle around on the ends so they got no place to go. Matti glanced over at the little old man and was dismayed to see him looking back at her with a look in his eyes that seemed to say, I'm sorry. She looked back at the fierce imobiliare bucuresti determination on the faces that closed in on them, and she knew it was about over. Don't let 'em take you alive, she said to him, her voice soft and sorrowful. They're animals--worse than animals. She vowed to herself that she would not be taken prisoner. She was pretty sure she could make Joey mad enough to kill her with the bat that he now carried in a double-handed grip cocked back over his shoulder. All she had to do was start in on how he also needed ass-wiping. If she made him really, really mad, maybe he'd even kill her with the first blow. Matti's thoughts flashed back on her situation imobiliare bucuresti and how she had wound up here. All because I wanted more food. Why didn't I just stay put? I still had plenty to last for several days. For me and Satan, both. Oh, Satan, Satan. Why didn't I stay with you? Why wasn't I satisfied to just stay there with you, just sit out there by the grave with you and think about better times? Now I'm gonna die. Under Mickey's direction, the mob began to move in, imobiliare bucuresti closing in on her and the old man to whom she had brought death.   The mass of foliage cascading from the top of the fence behind Matti suddenly shook and swayed. Danger. Bad strangers. Danger. Although she agreed with them as they rumbled through her mind, they weren't her thoughts A moment bucuresti later, something struck the fence from the other side with a heavy thud, and the foliage shook even more violently. Danger. Bad strangers. Danger. Again, the feelings that were almost thoughts poured over Matti's consciousness, adding another layer of fear and warning over that which already numbed her mind. Then recognition hit her. It energized her, and her voice rang out, Satan! Satan, here! At the same time, hope flooded her mind while pleading, Oh, Satan, please come, Satan, please come and save me, Satan, please-- The fence beneath its cap of untrimmed honeysuckle exploded in a hail of splintered, weathered wood. And from out of the imobiliare bucuresti cloud of flying debris, it was as though Cerberus, the monstrous, three-headed guardian at the gates of Hades, burst forth. Before anyone could move a step, Satan charged out between Matti and her little old man and tore into the human dog-pack. Joey was the first to go down, his tattered throat half ripped out and his imobiliare bucuresti half-swung bat landing several feet away. He was still squirming when Satan rebounded and bowled Nick over as he charged against Matt. With him gripping one end of the door, the force of Satan's impact also sent Mike tumbling.